Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey…Minus the Bacon



Good morning ladies and gents. Well the hubby and I have been officially married for a month and a day! We have a ton of more free time which I am devoting to eating right and getting back into the gym on a more regular basis.


This morning I started out the day with a breakfast high in protein and low in fat. I call the following recipe my healthy stuffed breakfast pita. Enjoy!


photo (4)



1 whole wheat pita pocket

1 cup egg whites (I used egg whites in a carton way)

Original Mrs. Dash seasoning

Fresh salsa

1/4 avocado

Handful of cherry tomatoes



In one pan, spray with non stick cooking spray and heat on medium heat. Heat a separate pan at the same time on medium heat and place pita on top to heat. Once your sprayed pan is hot, pour egg whites into the pan. Cook your eggs until they are halfway done then shake a few dashes of Mrs. Dash into the eggs. Now its time to flip your pita. Continue to cook and stir your eggs until they are to your liking.

Cut open your pita and open the pockets. Evenly distribute your egg mixture into each pocket. Top each with avocado and salsa. Serve alongside your cherry tomatoes. Enjoy your healthy, easy, nutritious breakfast!


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